Ucok Jogja Souvenir

Ucok Jogja Souvenir

Ucok Jogja Souvenir

Ucok Jogza Souvenir is an online shopping site that sells Souvenir Wedding, Birthday, circumcision, and traditional ceremonies. We also haold other services Handicraft order. Client requires a site that can handle online marketing and ordering. On site design client wants a brown dominant design and commonly layout.

Specific features of the client need, as below:

  1. Pages and posts management.
  2. Contact form page.
  3. Products management.
  4. Sort products by category.
  5. Management standard SEO on pages.

This site was developed with PHP natively without common framework. My task in this project is to develop the all aspects of the site.

Domain : UcokJogjaSouvenir.com, Archived : 2013-06-22, Site Category : Online Shop, Work for : JogjaSite.

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