Visit Maluku Utara

Visit Maluku Utara

Visit Maluku Utara

Visit Makulu Utara ( North Maluku ) is a tourist campaign program in Maluku Utara province of Indonesia. is a online marketing media. This site is a tourist information portal that tells the nature and culture of Makulu Utara.

To support the goal of the Visit Maluku Utara campaign , the site is comes with features:
1. Post article.
2. Gallery Photos.
3. Contact Form.
4. Multi languages (in English and in Indonesia).
5. SEO Standards pages.

This site was developed with PHP natively without common framework. I am doing in this project is to Convert PSD to HTML, CSS, and JS. Also implement the design of HTML to PHP.


Domain :, Archived : 2013-05-14, Site Category : Portal Information, Work for : JogjaSite.

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